Confidence is like a muscle:
the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Owen Sound Park
Catherine Blackhall Portrait

About Catherine

Hello! Thanks for taking a moment to learn a little bit about me.

My name is Catherine Blackhall, and I am passionate about supporting people in stepping up, stepping out, and stepping into their best version of themselves.

I’ve had the pleasure of working in both small entrepreneurial businesses and large corporations. For most of my career I’ve lead business teams, created awesome customer service experiences, and informally coached people. And as I worked with different business teams and executives, awareness grew within me that there’s a bigger, deeper, richer way of connecting with people.

Enter coaching.

As a certified solution-focused coach I am here to help my clients increase their business profits, or accelerate their careers, by transforming their baggage of blocks, limiting beliefs and blind spots into breakthroughs.

My clients typically find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed by the details of running their own business. They are successful, yet they don’t have the freedom and income they had hoped they would have when they first started out. I help them take the steps necessary to achieve their business goals while working less and doing more of what they love!

As an entrepreneur, you ARE your business. Your ideal clients will find and connect with you, when they can find you – when you let yourself shine.

I believe that absolutely everyone has the ability to live happy, rich, fulfilled lives without the added baggage that we all take for granted. I’m excited about supporting you in connecting with your inner self and helping you shed the baggage and limiters that are holding you back.